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I’m not sure how to design my banner.  Can you help?

  • We can assist you in your banner design. Please submit all logos, photos, graphics or text to sales@ypaymoresigns.com We will let you know what we can do for you or any additional work you need to do. No proofs will be emailed without payment in full.

Do the banners have grommets?

  • Yes. Every banner comes with grommets included at no additional cost.

Are the banners full color?

  • Yes.You can fill the entire banner with color. You no longer are limited to colored cut vinyl. You can even put a full color picture on your banner.

Can I use my banner outside?

  • All banners are designed to be a temporary type of sign. We have seen banners last for years, properly mounted outdoors.

Will they hold up to high winds?

  • That depends on where the banner is mounted. If you have it on two poles in the middle of the field, it will do ok, but not as good as mounted on the side of a building.

What is “Scrim”?

  • Scrim banner material is a durable banner with fabric woven into it for durability.  All our banners are made of scrim material.  This ensures you receive a high quality, long lasting banner. Be careful of the cheap Poly banners others will sell. These are not reinforced and may rip or tear much easier.

How is my banner shipped?

  • Most banners are shipped rolled in a UPS approved mailing tube.  This tube is re-useable for storage of your banner when not in use.

Do you hem the banners?

  • Yes. Most applications do not require hemming but we do provide hemming.  If you’re using the banner indoors or on a wall outdoors, you don’t need to hem the banner.  The only time hemming is worth the extra cost, is a banner that is suspended between two poles outdoors, or in a place where high winds are expected. Again, how long is the banner going to be used? If it’s just a temporary sign, you don’t need hemming. One trick for outdoor hanging is to use Bungee cords instead of string or rope.  This will allow for the banner to move with the wind instead of trying to resist it.

What is the resolution of the printing?

  • We use 720x720 dpi resolution.

Are you open 24/7?

  • No. 9-6 Mon-Fri

How do I upload my artwork?

  • Once you fill out the order form and select your banner size, you may upload art at our upload page when  you are ready. Please leave contact information with the upload in the comment area provided. A representative will call to verify info and art.

What format do you accept for the artwork?

  • We accept .pdf .eps .jpg .tif .psd .ai.  Please design at actual size or specify what percentage you designed in.  For example, if you designed the artwork at 10%, we will print the banner at 1000%.  Keep in mind that graphics will distort slightly when enlarging. If using photos on your banner, try to design at 100%. Please convert all text to outlines as we don’t have every font available. 

What types of payment do you accept?

  • We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and Electronic Check and Cash.

How long will it take to get my banner?

  • All banners are shipped UPS Ground. Other options for faster shipping are available. Please specify when customer service representative calls to verify info.

How do I order my banner?

  • Orders can be placed by phone or thru website. After placing a order on the site, a customer service representative will call to verify your order and to get billing information. This ensures that all details are correct, and you will receive exactly what you ordered. This also allows us to keep the cost down by verifying information.

Will I receive a proof before printing?

  • During the order process, you can ask for a proof to be emailed to you. There is no charge for this, but must be requested. We will check the banner for accuracy and contact you with any questions or problems with the artwork.

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